Do I have to pay to be a regional OM tournament Judge?

There is no cost involved to be a Judge. All associated cost is cared for the Odyssey Board.

What if I can’t attend the scheduled Judge’s training?

You must attend the training in order to judge at the tournament, if you have a definite conflict please contact the head judge for your problem.   Please contact your Team Coach to find someone who is available for training and tournament. Remember, if a team can’t provide the required Judge, the team will NOT be scored at the tournament. You may be able to attend other local regions training with prior arrangement. Please contact piedmontodyssey@gmail.com

Is there a limit on how many teams I can Judge at the tournament?

There is no limit on number of teams you can judge, however typically you can judge 10-15 teams. It all depends on what problem/division you are assigned to and how many teams have chosen that problem.

When would I find out what Judging role or position I am assigned?

Judging roles would be communicated by the Judge’s coordinator few days before the Judge’s training.

I got assigned to a problem that my team is doing, what should I do?

We always make sure that Judges are not assigned to the same team they are representing, however if this does happen in rare situations, please contact piedmontodyssey@gmail.com immediately.

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